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Sun in Sagittarius | Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces

A full session starting with lying down and connecting with the breath, easing into floor asanas, a grounded sun salutation, pranayama and asanas to extend, balance, twist, side bend and inversion. Finishing with a relaxing, elemental meditation and visualisation. The last session this cycle working with the Sun (Ha) in Sagittarius, a fire sign that now gives us the energy to travel and move forwards, especially after the new moon, whether that be inwardly and spiritually or outwardly and physically. Sagittarius rules the hips, which decide our direction, the thighs that give us the power to move, the femur which is the structure that holds us together to move, the pelvis and sacral region where we store a lot of energy or trauma that is released when we open the hips and, finally, the liver, reached through the inner thigh from where we release toxins. Starting with the Moon (Tha) in Capricorn, this works with our skeletal frame, our structure that holds us together, our bones, which represent our deep core spiritual beliefs and our flexibility in our joints, especially the knees. Then the moon moves into Aquarius, which rules our vulnerable shins and Achilles heel, the calves and ankles plus our circulatory system, how we spread the love. Lastly, working with the Moon in Pisces, which rules the feet and the immune system. Staying grounded is so important at this time and keeping our immune system healthy too.

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