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Sun in Libra | Moon in Aries & Taurus

A full session starting with a relaxing connection to the breath and the body. Working with asanas for the Sun (Ha) in Libra, finding our inner equilibrium to prepare to go inwards for the winter, balancing energy in the adrenal glands and kidneys, releasing stress and fear and strengthening the lower back to feal safe and secure. The Moon is building to be full in Aries, so we combat fatigue that can come with this, working with the head, brain, eyes and muscles, which correspond to the mind in the mind, body, spirit connection. The Moon then moves into Taurus, so we release tension from the neck and throat, plus the lower jaw, chin, larynx/vocal cords and stimulate the metabolism via the thyroid gland. We do the Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril) pranayama to find inner balance and peace and finish with a healing meditation and visualisation.

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