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Sun in Libra | Moon in Virgo, Libra & Scorpio

A full session of asanas working with the Sun (Ha) in Libra - clearing pent up adrenal energy from the adrenal glands, releasing fear from the kidneys, strengthening the core muscles to feel safe and secure, supporting the lower back. The Moon (Tha) in Virgo works with the sympathetic nervous system to soothe and curb the fight or flight instinct and releasing from the large and small intestines and the lower digestive tract, encouraging us to move forward. The Moon will be new in Libra, further encouraging us to find our inner balance and prepare for new beginnings. Finally, the Moon in Scorpio works with the hidden areas we don't want to look at, encouraging us to bring the corresponding feelings into the light to heal. We'll use Nadi Shodana breathing to balance and Agni Sara to cleanse, clear and strengthen. We finish with a relaxing meditation and visualisation.

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