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For when you want to drop-in for an occasional Yoga class or the perfect way to try out Julie Lovelock’s Zen Yoga online. This seven-day membership gives you full access to the expanding video library of Yoga classes for adults and children, and Yoga Nidra sessions.

Zen Yoga, described as meditation in motion, is gentle; relaxing but powerful, it strengthens the body using:

  • Mindfulness
  • Physical alignment
  • Energy flow in the body
  • Relaxation and visualisation to integrate the work of the body, mind and spirit

Julie works with what the sun (Ha) and moon (tha) is doing astrologically. Yoga means union or yoke and the term hatha comprises the whole yoga practice, not simply the asanas, and works with the outer and the inner, the yang and the yin, the masculine and feminine. These dichotomies are united through Yoga.

The videos will be recorded on a particular day, the content influenced by where the sun and the moon are astrologically. You could choose the classes to re-visit because your own sign is in the sun or moon or because the class works with certain areas of the body. So the class doesn’t only apply to a particular day.

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A typical class starts off with a focus on the breath and relaxation, a pranayama exercise and sun salutation to warm up.

The opening session is followed by a mix of asanas, some that work with parts of the body that relate to the relevant astrology and some general asanas to ensure you take your spine in all its plains of direction and include a balance asana.

The class always closes with relaxation, meditation and visualisation.